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  • Block specific IP Addresses or ranges of addresses
  • Ban country IP addresses
  • View network traffic in Real-Time
  • Lighter than ever, only 2 MB. No lag, robust and stable.
  • Support all Windows
  • Best alternative to Windows Firewall
  • Support API

What is IP Blocker Firewall?

IP Blocker Firewall is Windows IP Blocking software which controls one computer interacting with other computers over the network. It can be successfully used on Windows server machines, in a production environment, to easily ban unwanted IP addresses or visitors by country with Apache's .htaccess files. IP Blocker Firewall is a lightweight firewall and the rules are based on IP address, port, protocol, and other TCP/IP factors. New version adds support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

Full Version Information

  • Current Version:
  • Release Date: August 6, 2022
  • OS supported: Windows
  • File Size: 2.13 MB
  • Trial Limitations: 7-day free trial
  • Price: $69.95
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  • Black list and white list. IP Blocker Firewall controls user's access to the Internet within particular areas by setting black list or white list.
  • Support multiple IP list formats, such as Apache's .htaccess
  • Filter network packets based on IP address, port, protocol and other TCP/IP factors
  • Programming interface to import IP list from third-party applications
  • Monitor network activities in real-time
  • Run IP Blocker as a Windows service
  • Automatically update IP blocking list
  • Support exceptional rules
  • Look up remote IP addresses and ownership information
  • Log files
  • What is an IP address?
  • An IP address is a 32-bit number (IPV4) or a 128-bit number (IPV6) assigned by ISPs. IP addresses are like phone numbers which can be used to call or receive "phone calls" from another network devices. Each Internet device must have at least one unique IP address and the Internet connects all the IP addresses. When a network device sends out one-way network packets to others, the IP address in those packets can be forged. However, if two network devices build two-way communications (TCP), their IP addresses must be real. Find more on IP address.

  • What is IP address Blocking?
  • IP address Blocking is a service that blocks IP network traffic going through a network device or a computer. The service can be software programs or configurations on network hardware. For network security, IP address Blocking is a basic tool to protect Internet servers and personal computers. See more on IP address Blocking.

  • Why block bad IP addresses?
  • It is because network traffic from those bad IP addresses hurts your Internet servers or personal computers in so many ways. For small Internet server owners and big companies, they are increasingly facing DDoS attacks, DoS attacks, SQL injection or even threats coming from within. Hackers are watching you, stealing your data and tearing down your servers. For personal computers, they might be compromised by spyware, monitoring tools or ransomware. Monitoring and analyzing network packets by IP Blocker Firewall or Wireshark is the first step to find your enemies. And then just put the bad IP addresses into the black list and block them out.

  • How does IP Blocker Firewall work on Windows?
  • IP Blocker Firewall works as a Windows system network filter placed in the TCP/IP stack. Some firewall software programs implement their IP filtering functions in the upper layers, such as transport layer, therefore not all network packets can be filtered. With IP Blocker Firewall, the IP filter is placed in the lower layer (data link layer), no network packets can bypass it. When a packet goes through IP Blocker Firewall filter, it checks the firewall rules defined by users and then determines to let it pass or drop it.

  • How to use IP Blocker Firewall
  • How to Block an IP Address on Windows
  • How to Ban Country IP Addresses
  • Build your own black list by programming
  • There are many requirements to import IP addresses into blacklist by API. One case is that network administrators find suspicious network traffic through log files. They want to stop the IP addresses by software in real-time. IP Blocker Firewall provides software developers with easy-to-use API and customized configurations. Please find more on How to import IP addresses by command line. If you still have any questions in using IP Blocker programming interface, please contact us.

  • Monitor, analyze and block
  • The best practice for IP blocking needs at least three steps. The first step is monitoring. Network administrators should watch what happens on their computer networks. They need to know how legal and illegal network traffic behaves. Second, analyze what is unusual. Find suspicious network packets and use network tool to investigate it. Wireshark gives users most details of their network. BeeThink IP Blocker does not offer that much details, but it shows most information users need. Besides that, BeeThink IP Blocker shows network activities in real-time and those activities are well organized for users to view. Last but not least, use BeeThink IP Blocker to block them.

  • Detect spyware by BeeThink IP Blocker
  • BeeThink IP Blocker not only bans bad IP addresses but also reveals spyware trace. When spyware hosts in your computers, they will find ways to send information out. Click here to read more on how to use BeeThink IP Blocker to detect spyware.

  • Exceptional rules
  • When a user wants to make their servers always to be opened to their remote controlling computers in spite of their own IP addresses are listed in the IP banning list, "exceptional rules" can be introduced to achieve this goal. Please find what IP Blocker rules working flow is.

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"I tried many IP Blocking programs that didn't work. They either didn't live up to my expectations..... BeeThink IP Blocker was idiot proof. Within 8 hours I could see the benefit of using IP Blocker. Before installing IP Blocker our mail server had over 100,000 hits of smtp traffic to filter. After installing IP Blocker and uploaded the Foreign IP List to Block, our mail server only had a little over 6,000 smtp traffic to filter....."

-Matt Sorisio

"I run a home VoIP SIP server on Windows 10. Prior to purchasing beethink ip blocker, I was always getting SIP attacks on port 5060. Ever since I installed this product and set to 'Allow Only', I can see unsolicited inbound traffic stopped immediately. Beethink ip blocker is a great product. I wouldn't run any Windows server without it..... Thanks again, you made my job a whole lot easier."

-Stephen Borsen

"I am now a couple weeks into the ip blocker program and have found it extremely useful. It keeps outside countries out of my weather station and therefor the reduction in use has been just about 25 to 30% even during huge weather events here. Its incredibly efficient and fast. I am now recommending this to other weather station users on my weather networks. 100,000+ weather stations.....Thank you very much."

-R. Heishman