For users' conveniences, we provide this programming interface to let users to import their IP address lists to the main blocking list. Users may find bad attacking IP addresses by their own ways. Once bad IP addresses are detected, an executable file named "IPBlockerDemon.exe" " helps users to do the left job. The file is located in the installation folder.

The programming interface is a command line and the format of the comand line is as follows.

IPBlockerDemon.exe importlist block (or allow) filename

The third parameter (block or allow) indicates the IP list will be blocked or be unblocked. The fourth parameter (filename) is the name of a text file in which includes the IP list. Users need to create the text file. The format of the text file can be one of the following text file formats.

1. P2P filter plaintext format file

Format: comments : x.x.x.x - x.x.x.x

2. Emule IP filter data file

Format : x.x.x.x - x.x.x.x, filtered level, description

3. Apache's .htaccess file

Format : deny (or allow) from x.x.x.x / x

4. Simple IP address file

Format: x.x.x.x

All above supported IP list text files can be compressed as .zip, .gz or .7z files.

If you have questions, please feel free to email us.