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Protect your Windows servers from sophisticated DDoS/DoS attacks.

  • Stop Application layer (Layer 7) DDoS/DoS attacks
  • Mitigate TCP flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood and bandwidth attacks
  • Prevent Slow HTTP Get&Post attacks
  • Protect Windows Remote Desktop Connection from password brute force attacks
  • Block country IP addresses
  • View network activities in Real-Time and let users overall control their machines

Full Version Information

Current Version: 5.0

OS supported: Windows

File Size: 2.52 MB

Trial Limitations: 5-day free trial

Price: $99.95

Anti DDoS Guardian - Protect your Windows servers from DDoS attacks

Anti DDoS Guardian is high performance DDoS/DoS protection software for Windows Servers. It stops most sophisticated DDoS/DoS attacks, including SYN DDoS attacks, IP flood, TCP flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, slow HTTP DDoS attacks, Layer 7 attacks, Application layer DDoS attacks, Windows Remote Desktop brute force password guessing attacks, etc. The DDoS protection manages network flows, client bandwidth, TCP connection numbers, UDP/ICMP packet rates, TCP half-open connections and so on. This light and robust Anti DDoS protection software can be successfully deployed on Windows website servers, in a production environment, to ensure websites are protected against DDoS/DoS attacks.

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  • Control client computers' bandwidth, concurrent TCP connections and TCP connection rates
  • Manage TCP half-open connection
  • Control UDP bandwidth, UDP connection rates and UDP packet rates
  • Block certain IP addresses or ranges of addresses
  • Filter network packets by IP address, port, protocol and other TCP/IP factors
  • Fully compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 2021
  • View network activities in real-time
  • Support multiple IP list formats, such as Apache's .htaccess
  • Automatically update IP list
  • Support IP black list and white list
  • Support exceptional rules
  • Look up remote IP addresses and ownership information
  • Run Anti DDoS protection as a Windows service
  • Support programming interface to import IP blocking list from third-party applications
  • What is DDoS protection software?
  • DDoS protection software is deployed on Internet hardware to mitigate DDoS/DoS attacks, especially for those attacks targeting on upper TCP/IP stack. Increasingly, sophisticated DDoS/DoS attacks come to application layer, like Slow HTTP Get&Post attacks. They are not easy to be detected and they consume victim servers with much less effort. To stop this kind of attacks, DDoS protection software is embedded in different layers of TCP/IP stack and gets full control of network flows. DDoS protection software works an extra security layer to enhance TCP/IP stack.

  • Why use Anti DDoS Guardian?
  • Anti DDoS Guardian is DDoS/DoS protection software and as mentioned above, DDoS/DoS protection software provides Internet servers extra protection. Anti DDoS Guardian stops application layer DDoS attacks, SYN attacks, UDP flood, TCP flood, etc. Additionally, through Anti DDoS Guardian, users can view network activities in real-time and that gives users ability to monitor DDoS/DoS attacks. Therefore, users can change Anti DDoS strategies due to different DDoS attack patterns. Last, Anti DDoS Guardian can be easily installed on website servers and it is cost saving.

  • What is Anti DDoS Guardian
  • How to Block Country IP Addresses
  • How to import IP addresses by command line to stop DDoS/DoS attacks

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