Anti DDoS Guardian is a powerful Anti-DDoS software solution deployed on thousands of industrial environment workstations and gaming servers. When under DDoS attacks, it warns customers first and stops attacking network traffic immediately. For advanced DDoS attacks, like application level attacks and layer 7 attacks, Anti DDoS Guardian does perfect jobs with its unique network flow controlling technique and this discourages attackers and makes them crazy.

Anti DDoS Guardian is derived from IP Blocker Firewall. The idea is to block bad IP addresses automatically based on behaviors instead of to filter IP addresses based on fixed IP lists. The idea is simple but the development is tough. After innumerable days of hardworking, struggling in development, testing, feedback after another development, testing, feedback, our team finally made it.

Anti DDoS Guardian provides DDoS/DoS protection as well as real-time network activity monitoring. By watching illegal network flows, users can customize the configurations to defeat specific attacks efficiently. If you have suggestions or need us to help you configure it on your computers, please email us.