Several years before, a computer virus was discovered in our computer by an anti-spyware tool when we purchased books online. The anti-spyware reports showed that the virus was a kind of spyware which focused on stealing users' private information, including bank card ID. We installed Wireshark and then found there were much suspectable network packets passed through. Obviously, it is a "known" one, but what about the "unknown" computer virus.

We once believed it was a good idea to monitor network traffic which passed through our computer and to detect spyware activities. Users just sit before computers and do not access the Internet. If there is much network traffic, the computer may be infected by spyware. The idea carried on and the first version of BeeThink SpyDetector was released. Finally, the feedback of users showed that BeeThink SpyDetector was not a success product. It needs users to have much network knowledge and most users like easy-to-use products.

After one year, BeeThink SpyDetector was changed into another simple product named BeeThink IP Blocker. The first public version of BeeThink IP Blocker was released in 2009 and the primitive goal is to help users to ban IP addresses by simple clicking. The second version is fully compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7, in 32-bit and 64-bit.

During the next year, BeeThink development team added more features to BeeThink IP Blocker, such as running as a Windows service. This feature makes BeeThink IP Blocker ideal for using on servers or whenever you need long-running functionality that does not interfere with other users who are working on the same computer. Meanwhile, users can get highest performance with lowest CPU usage by enabling BeeThink IP Blocker service without running BeeThink IP Blocker application.

Moreover, BeeThink IP Blocker has network protocol based firewall rules which is useful for advanced users such as website administrators. To let users view network packets information easily, BeeThink IP Blocker organizes network packets by IP address and a built-in whois tool is included. For webiste masters, BeeThink IP Blocker supports Apache's .htaccess file to ban country IP addresses. In the recent version, BeeThink IP Blocker supports for IP list automatic updating, exception rules and log files.

In the future, BeeThink will focus more on network security.